Good Samaritan Finds Abandoned Box With The Tiniest Surprises Inside

In that weather, “They wouldn’t have made it through the night.”

An abandoned cardboard box by the side of a country road in Michigan was pounded by icy winds and rain on a chilly day.

Fortunately, a kind stranger saw the box and opened it to discover eight small puppies huddled up for warmth. An Ottawa County Sheriff’s Department officer rushed into action to rescue the puppies before the weather became worse after the anonymous helper contacted for help right away.


Jen Self-Aulgur, executive director of Harbor Humane Society, told The Dodo that the animals were chilly when they arrived. Two of their temperatures were under 90 degrees, so they didn’t even register on a thermometer.

Those two puppies were taken home by a caring employee who stayed up all night caring for and feeding them. Later, a veterinarian discovered they had pneumonia, but they are now being treated to get better.


In that weather, they “would not have survived the night,” according to a FB post. We are optimistic that they will all recover despite the fact that they were drenched in cold water and have low temperatures.

The 4-week-old puppies are currently all making a full recovery in foster homes with experience, where they receive round-the-clock care.

Because we don’t know where they came from or what their conditions were, the upcoming weeks are crucial for them, according to Self-Aulger. “We’ll be keeping a tight eye out for any negative consequences from their exposure to the weather when they were left outside. But for now, they are consuming food, consuming liquids, playing, and becoming typical puppy behavior!


Right now, adoption is not possible for these gorgeous infants. They will be watched over until they are completely healthy and thriving. They’ll start looking for loving families of their own after that.

The FB post said, “It crushes our hearts that things happened this way. “This perilous issue could have been avoided if they had sought out to Harbor; we would have been more than happy to assist.”


The puppies were saved just in time, and while they are currently enjoying plenty of TLC from their foster families, they will soon find their final homes.