Good Samaritans Spot Little Koala Clinging To A Fence And Realize She’s In Trouble

As two good Samaritans walked along a lush, grassy part of Australia, they couldn’t help but notice something strange up ahead.

They might have missed her with just a glance. But when they got closer, they saw a scared little koala hanging on for dear life to a gray fencepost.


The good Samaritans called for help right away, and soon Mel Fraser and Karl Dawson from the Noah&Lil Woodend Wildlife Shelter were on their way.

Fraser and Dawson had to move quickly because they were afraid that the curious cows behind the fence might hurt the koala by accident.

Fraser told The Dodo, “We knew we had to try to distract them while Karl crawled under the fence to get her.” “The job sounds easy, but there was a lot of mud!”


Fraser and Dawson, who had been trained to help animals, carefully moved the koala out from between the wire fencing and the post. After that, they took her back to their shelter so she could rest and get better.

The people who saved the Koala, whose name they gave to Merci, could tell she was tired from her ordeal. Merci did well with their care, though, and she started eating and getting stronger.


Since Merci is a wild animal that was going to be set free, Fraser and Dawson tried to have as little contact with her as possible. Even though they didn’t talk to Merci very often, her lively personality still came through.

Fraser said that Meri is a nice girl. “She likes to sniff the leaves we give her, and she lets us know pretty quickly if she likes them or not.”


Fraser and Dawson are so happy that Merci has been given a second chance and that the Good Samaritans knew what to do. After taking care of Merci for about two weeks, they will send her back to where she was found.

Fraser said, “We ask anyone who sees a wild animal in trouble to please call your local wildlife organization.” “We are so grateful that she was found.”