Grandma Is Not A Fan Of The New Puppy — Until He Saves Her Life

He entered my grandmother’s room after running down the corridor, where he is aware that he is not supposed to.

Annabelle Camp had no idea that her finding of a scrawny little dog on the side of an unidentified road in Georgia would trigger a series of events that would ultimately save two lives.

Camp brought the puppy home, raised him, and gave him the name Mason. But she was aware that her grandmother would not permit her to keep the stray.


Camp told The Dodo, “I made a deal with my grandmother that he would go to The Humane Society as soon as they had a foster opening for him. “So, at most a week.”


Mason was put in a boarding house until he was strong enough to look for his forever family because there were no foster homes available. But while there, he became ill and was taken to the hospital. Camp pleaded with her grandmother to let the dog back inside the house when she heard. Although she concurred, Camp’s grandmother wasn’t amused by it.

Camp admitted, “I was hysterical. I had to retrieve my child.

Mason recovered and eventually thrived under Camp’s care. Camp was right when she said that she couldn’t help but have the sense that everything had happened for a reason.


Camp wrote on FB, “I knew he had a purpose on this globe more than to just be my heart dog and a literal pain in the ass. And he demonstrated that last night.

On Monday night, Mason was standing over Camp when she woke up, barking in her face. According to Camp, “I bolted up out of bed and felt something wasn’t right.” He enjoys sleeping.

She added, “Mason leapt down and gave me the follow me look. “He dashed into my grandmother’s room from the corridor, where he is aware that he is not permitted. He was standing over her in the bathroom, licking her face while he screamed and complained. I followed him in.

Due to a cardiac ailment, Camp’s grandmother was not conscious.


Camp was able to warm her grandmother’s heart and avert the worst because of Mason’s deeds.

There was never any doubt that Mason would be there for Camp’s grandma in her hour of need, even though he wasn’t permitted to speak to her previously. He has experienced having his life saved, so Camp stated, “He realized he had to do the same for someone else.” “Even if my granny barely puts up with him.”

Has Camp’s grandmother changed her mind in response to Mason’s bravery?

I guess, sort of.


The following morning, when I informed my grandma what he had done, she exclaimed, “Thank you, Mason!” stated Camp. She now strokes him more frequently than ever when she sees him.

She said, “She loves him in her own way.