Grizzly Bear “Super Mom” Gives Birth To Her 17th Cub Despite Her Old Age

A grizzly bear super mom who became famous for showing off her cubs to tourists along the roadside has given birth to her 17th offspring.

Even at the ripe old age of 24, the wild grizzly in Wyoming’s Grand Teton National Park is still bearing offspring.

Only 26 years remain in the wild for the giant bear, but that didn’t stop one of its mothers from giving birth to a litter of four kids.

Even before even considering the bear’s age, four cubs in a single litter for a grizzly bear is quite unusual.

She became known as “Grizzly 399” because she and her family were frequently spotted on the side of the road, leading to the creation of social media profiles in her honor.

The “super-mom” is believed to have learned to dodge male bears who have been known to kill young bear cubs by using busy roadways to evade them.

When it comes to mothering grizzly bears, Grizzly 399 appears to be the most successful of all time.

Kate and Adam Rice took these wonderful images. Adam had this to say about them:

“There were no guarantees that she would ever produce cubs again, let alone four.”

“When we heard she produced four cubs, we were surprised. It felt like her way of showing we were wrong.”

Kate, a park photographer, says she’s fallen in love with bears.

“She often grazes in meadows near the road, which provides good opportunities for tourists to catch a glimpse of the life of a wild bear.”

According to this theory, female bears in national parks often raise their offspring near roadsides in order to protect them from male grizzlies who would harm the cubs.

Grizzly 399 made her first headlines in 2011 when she and her daughter, who was five at the time, started raising cubs in the same location together.

First of its kind conduct: The daughter adopted one of 399’s cubs and raised it successfully on her own, making this the first known case of this type of behavior.