Guy Catches Random Cat In The Middle Of A Hilarious Crime Spree

Connor Cutts and his partner recently came across a crime in process while out having a good time in the island nation of Cyprus.

A stray cat was shamelessly displaying his collection of stolen items—stuffed toy monkey dolls, of which there were numerous scattered about—on the sidewalk in front of them.

However, Cutts soon realized that the cat’s crime wave wasn’t quite ended.


The kleptomaniac cat threw away the monkey doll he was playing with and turned around while the pair watched. He started to cross the road.

To where was he going? Where? To the shop that sells such monkeys.

Yet again, he had no intention of making a payment:

@chezcone Just wanted a pal… #cat #cyprus ♬ original sound – Connor Cutts

Who knows where the cat had come from or why he felt the need to steal so many plush monkeys. But despite how egregious such thefts were, nothing negative was left in their aftermath.

The owner of the shop that the cat robbed, Ioannis Anthimou, said he is aware of the crime wave and has no issues with it.

The cat was hilarious, Anthimou remarked to The Dodo. Even though we lost some money, we still appreciated the cat.

After all, who doesn’t enjoy a little monkey business?