Guy Peeks Into Parrot’s Nest And Finds An Unlikely Family

She considers them to be her children.

14 years ago, Brazilian farmer Josemar Milli and his wife were walking in a jungle not far from their house when they noticed something.

Two helpless baby parrots were there, stuck on the ground by a downed tree in the forest.

The couple made the decision to save them, which ultimately helped to save more lives than just the birds’.


Milli and his wife raised the young parrots till they were adults after saving them and bringing them home. One of the birds then took off and vanished, never to be seen again. Despite having complete freedom to do the same, the other chose to remain.

According to Milli, “We named her Louro,” The Dodo. She was never imprisoned. She simply didn’t want to leave.

Louro has been free to come and go ever then, and he is always welcome to sit on Milli’s tender shoulder.


But lately, Milli realized that the bird’s routine had changed. Even though Louro frequently left to see the world during the day, she always returned by sunset.

Loro has always slept at home, but for three nights she was away, according to Milli. She “began hanging out near this [hollow] wooden fencepost during the day.”

Milli’s interest was naturally peaked. Although Louro had occasionally been known to linger out in a nest she had built in the hollow post, she was unusually insistent on staying close now. Milli made the decision to find out what Louro was so engrossed in.

To Milli’s surprise, it turned out that Louro had undoubtedly discovered and adopted a litter of three little kittens.

In Louro’s occasional nesting location, Milli believes that a neighbor’s cat may have given birth to kittens before abandoning them. Without Milli’s attention-getting skills and Louro’s love, the kittens might not have been found in time.

But they could all be spared because of the parrot.


The kittens were first rejected by the cat that was most likely their parent, despite Milli’s attempts to reintroduce them.

Louro, on the other hand, was obviously bound.

Milli stated, “She views them as her children.

The rest of Milli’s family later accepted the kittens Louro had taken in.

We took care of them and brought them home, Milli added.

Even Milli’s own cat has volunteered to help out.


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The three kittens were saved by the parrot, who also helped them find a loving home.

They will be kept by my daughters, Milli remarked.

It appears that Louro will continue to insist on being near by.


It is in fact quite appropriate for a wild bird who was saved and reared by an unexpected family to go on to do the same for a species other than her own.

Louro has, after all, always been adored. Louro has always been unencumbered. Nevertheless, she made the decision to give love in the same beautiful manner that she had received it.