Guy Sees Puppy In Hot Car And Realizes What He Has To Do

“I genuinely didn’t think this pup would survive.”

On Tuesday in Norfolk, Virginia, Jason Minson, an Army veteran and owner of a landscaping company, was on the job site when the first of several strange events occurred.

When Minson heard a crash on the street, he was inspecting a tree in a yard.

When he went to investigate, he discovered that a passing vehicle had struck another parked vehicle. Minson is unlikely to have approached the parked car and found what was inside if that hadn’t occurred.


The commotion and tremor appeared to have briefly awakened the black Labrador puppy that was curled up on the car floor.

He also kept panting nonstop.

According to Minson who spoke to The Dodo, “that was the kind of panting that was the last effort a dog gives to attempt to cool himself off.”


Minson dialed 911 right away.

The police sent a unit to help the dog, but they also warned Minson that it was illegal to break the car’s window in order to rescue the animal. (Depending on where you are, the legislation differs.)

From behind the glass, Minson observed the panting puppy. The dog leaped up onto the seat and began drinking from the bottle of water he had placed near the little opening in the window.

The entire bottle was consumed by the dog. after which another.


Minson confessed, “I’m normally a really cool, level-headed person but I was kind of fed up.

She started to pry the door open when an animal control officer came, but it didn’t work. Since Minson had discovered the dog, it had been almost 20 minutes, and he was concerned that they had run out of time.

The dog was no longer panting as quickly and had settled back down on the car’s floor, according to Minson.

Minson stated, “I honestly didn’t believe this pup was going to make it.

He then decided to resolve the situation on his own.

In one of the films he made, he can be heard saying, “Charge me; at this point, I could care less.”

Minson broke the window and unlocked the door with the animal control officer’s baton.


The dog was hurriedly taken to the animal control officer’s van and taken to the veterinarian for immediate care. The police also filed charges against the dog’s owner. The police also called Minson, but they asked him to attend the incident’s hearing as a witness.

The pup was being treated at a facility when Minson decided to pay him a visit. The dog appeared to be considerably stronger already.

Great Dane owner Minson wishes that someone would intervene if they saw his dog in any kind of difficulty.


After the puppy was saved, Minson said on FB, “This is REAL talk people.” It’s hot outside, and an animal left in a car will likely pass away from the heat. Take good care of your furry friends.