Guy Walks Outside And Finds A Whole Family Of Bears In His Car

Three cubs were present.

Chad Morris was enjoying a peaceful family vacation in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, when his parents abruptly yelled for him to go outside. He hurried outside their cabin to investigate the ruckus and was astounded by what he saw.

There was a bear family in the driveway, and it seemed like they were attempting to take his car.


Morris told The Dodo, “As soon as I saw them, they were walking up to my car, and the three cubs climbed in.”

The three bear cubs had a great time rolling around in Morris’ car, playing in the driver’s seat, leaning out the windows, and playing with whatever they could find inside the vehicle as the mama grizzly watched nearby.


The bears were well aware that Morris and his parents were watching from a safe distance, but they didn’t seem to mind at all and continued with their attempted car theft and property devastation.

Morris added, “They saw us standing around snapping photos, but they never harassed us.


The bear cubs cautiously climbed their way out of the car after realizing it was stationary and that they had thoroughly examined it, and they then made an attempt to commandeer the other automobile sitting in the driveway.

They emerged from the windows and, Morris recalled, “two of them stood up next to my parents’ car, although their windows were up.” “They continued to skirt the automobiles for another five minutes before returning to the mountain together and disappearing into the trees.”


Despite the bears had left the area and returned to the woods, Morris hurried over to inspect the damage. He was shocked to see how well his automobile had held up after being looted by three boisterous bear cubs.


They left some scrapes on the interior and tore a piece out of the leather on the driver’s seat near the headrest, according to Morris. My protein shake top was only partially consumed when I noticed claw marks on my son’s football.

Although his automobile was mostly unharmed, Morris and his family now have a wild tale to tell about the day a group of bears disrupted their vacation and attempted to take their cars.