Hawk Just Can’t Understand Why This ‘Duck’ Is Not Afraid Of Him

Even if the animal kingdom is replete with the unlikeliest of friendships, we must not forget that predator-prey conflicts are also a part of the animal kingdom. Today we offer you the account of a hawk whose status was questioned. While searching for food, the majestic hawk in our story encountered a duck.

The duck was happily sunbathing on a patch of grass, oblivious to the presence of the huge hawk. The hawk was shocked because the duck appeared to doubt his authority. The raptor could not tolerate being disregarded in this manner. In addition, this hawk did not want his position as a formidable hunter to be overshadowed by a weak duck, especially because the duck was an inferior opponent.

The duck appeared unaware of the hawk’s hunting strategy, and the hawk was disappointed that he was unable to instill fear in this bird. The hawk, however, was unaware that this duck was only a decoy and phony figurine. This explains why the duck is not frightened by the presence of this dangerous bird.

This entire episode has been captured on film, and it is guaranteed to be amusing. For a brief while, the confused hawk attempts to frighten and overpower this peculiar-looking duck. The hawk may be seen occasionally gazing about as though to check that he is not being taken advantage of. The hawk initially approaches the duck quickly and attempts to grasp it with its claws.

After observing no response, the hawk circles the duck and places its claws all over its body, as if attempting to rouse it from a deep sleep. Finally, the bird of prey abandons his valiant attempts and departs in quest of a more deserving adversary. This hawk will never forget the day he was defeated by a plastic duck.

Video Credit & More Info; Garybob/youtube