Heartbreaking footage shows the Owner A.ban.doning his senior Labrador dog by the side of the road, then driving away

Heartbreaking footage shows the Owner A.ban.doning his senior Labrador dog by the side of the road, then driving away

Being so fascinating and majestic animals that could be, nothing can surpass a dog. From the very first days, they walked beside us with an unshakable level of love, loyalty, and devotion that amazed us all. That makes events like the one below even more heartbreaking.

Just casually filmed by Brandon Price and Alyssa Ott at Orchards Community Park in Vancouver, the clip begins with a scene where a dog owner is innocently walking his dog. Soon, however, we’ll see something much more sinister unravel.

Footage shows a woman coming to Labrador in a black Tesla car.

They descended near the highway right next to a wooded area.

After walking side by side into a wooded area with the Golden Retriever looks visibly excited – the unthinkable begins to happen.

The woman mercilessly ran back to her Tesla, without her dog, and drove her elderly dog ​​away.

Watch video:

Thankfully the dog was quickly discovered, the Washington-based shelter soon found Henry, I Paw’d It Forward. The person then shared the clip feature and their frustration and disgust with what happened on their FB page, writing.

Here’s what a newly a.ban.doned dog looks like. They are still here, still waiting, and still looking for you to return. They are confused, and they don’t understand why the people they spent their whole lives with disappeared.

The post goes on to lament how often this happened, and many dogs as unlucky as this one were eventually found either too late or not at all.

They remind their followers that there is never a good reason to a.ban.don a dog and share helpful resources for people who may be in a situation of leaving their pets.

Thanks to the clip and the hard work of the Clark County Animal Protection and Control Organization, the responsible woman was found and is currently facing criminal charges under the cruelty law with local animals.

More profoundly, the neighbors revealed that she covered up her crime by telling everyone that Henry had passed away.

Thankfully, he gave a good deal at Paw’d It Forward, and it is reported to be doing well.

Unfortunately, however, due to the ongoing investigation into his abuse, Henry is not yet available for adoption, but if you are interested in supporting Henry and the winners. Another rescue at the shelter, you can follow them on FB or donate to the I Paw’d say It Foward fundraiser.

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