Heartbroken Dog Ignored At Park Gets The Best Gift From Mom

Axel is always happy to meet new people. On his daily walks to the park, the 2-and-a-half-year-old Rottweiler tries to make friends with everyone he sees. But sometimes, the dog with a big heart goes home without even one friend or pet.

Rianna, Axel’s mom, told The Dodo that this kind of thing happens almost every time they leave the house. “People make decisions about him based on how he looks before they even meet him.”


Axel was walking around his favorite park a few weeks ago when, once again, his pleas for love were ignored.

Rianna said, “He wanted to greet everyone with a big smile and say hello to everyone.” “He didn’t understand why everyone was so excited about the other dogs but no one wanted to pet him.”

When the sad dog saw that he wasn’t getting as much attention as before, he looked upset.


Rianna said, “He felt really left out, and when he got home, he climbed up on my chest to cuddle.”

Here is where you can see Axel getting his special love:

@nala_the_needy_rottie THEIR LOSS 🥹 #rottweiler #sensitivesouls ♬ Je te laisserai des mots – Patrick Watson

Even though people don’t always treat Axel well, Rianna is thankful for her social media fans who love her dog just as much as she does.

Rianna said, “He loves everyone he meets and taps them with his needy paws to get them to hold his hand.” “If you let go, he’ll put his paw back in your hand! He is a big, gentle giant who loves to make people laugh. Sometimes he forgets how big he is, and I have to remind him that he can’t sit on everyone’s lap.


Rianna got Axel as a friend for her other dog, Nala, when he was only 8 weeks old. Rianna said that even though Axel is big, he still thinks he is a puppy who loves love.

Rianna said, “This boy is a monster who loves to be held.” “He would stay close to me all day long. He also does this funny thing where he puts his head on your shoulder and wraps one paw around your waist to give you a real hug!”


The kind dog can also tell when Rianna is sad, so he brings her her favorite toy or gives her a hug. Rianna knows how big Axel’s heart is, even if strangers at the park don’t.

Rianna said, “Axel changed my life in every way.” “He’s the dog of my dreams and the whole world. He makes me happy every day, and I feel like the luckiest dog mom in the world because of him.