Heartbroken Greyhound Waited By His Best Friend’s Body For A Month Before Being Found

At his home in Houston, Texas, the nine-year-old greyhound was inconsolable as he stood next to his deceased owner. It’s hard to imagine what Dory was thinking when his best friend died. Hours were changed to days. Days were followed by weeks. A month had gone before anyone had heard that Dory’s owner had died and she had recovered.

When the tiny dog was taken to the Harris County Animal Shelter after her tragedy, she was clearly bewildered and terrified.

“This dog lived at home with his deceased owner for a month. The owner’s body wasn’t found until today, so the dog was taken to a shelter.

For a few days, Dory remained at the shelter in case any of her family members showed up to pick her up. Regrettably, none did.

After a lengthy waiting period, Dory was ultimately adopted by Greyhound Pets of America (GPA Houston) and placed in foster care while looking for a new family.

Arden Tucker, president of GPA Houston, claims

Naturally, she was a little uneasy when we picked her up.

Unbelievably, Dory was healthy despite being a little underweight. Dory is now learning how to relax at her foster home where she can spend time with family and other pets.

Arden declared

“It was a little uneasy for the first couple of days, but now it’s gotten used to it and is doing fantastic. Like most greyhounds, he loves to sleep and can’t get enough of it to relax on the sofa or outside in the sunshine.

Dory is starting to put on weight again, and her rescuers are starting to explore for new homes that would be ideal for her. Dory appears to value being around other greyhounds over having cats share her house, however it’s unknown if she would be amenable to it. She takes pleasure in talking to hers.