Heartbroken puppy cried after parting with the cow that raised him

There are countless cases of animals proving themselves like humans when it comes to empathy and emotions. It’s hard for us to believe it. Animals have feelings too. And we all have something to learn from their strong bond built between different species.

One family witnessed a very moving moment like this. It is found that they have a very close bond between their dog and one of their cows. However, they never thought that the bond between those two different species could be so strong. And they were convinced of it, just as the cow was about to sell off.

Rookie the dog and a large cow spent most of their time together. While Rookie is an active, happy dog, the cow is like a mother to him. The two even slept together in the cow encounter. And strangely, when the cow was sold, Rookie seemed to be in great pain.

He just ran after the truck, which the cow was being loaded into, ignoring his owner’s calling. For Rookie, being separated from the one who raised him and treated him like a son was heartbreaking. He lost all his energy, his appetite, and all his enthusiasm.

The owner couldn’t stand looking at his dog all day with such sadness. So he decided there was only one thing to do to get Rookie back. And the mother cow has returned. Her owner decided to bring her back, because all he wanted was to see his beloved dog happy again.

That despite the cow being more expensive for the family’s finances. What’s more, he brought along another small puppy so that Rookie also has a new companion of his kind.

Watch the inspirational video below.