Heroic pit bull drags 7-month-old sister by diaper out of house fire and saves her life

Some say the presence of a dog around a young child may be detrimental to the child’s health. This is particularly true when it comes to a dog breed with a less than stellar reputation. There is a good chance pit bulls will be at the top of this list because of their reputation as dangerous and unpredictable.

To this California mom, her pit bull is a hero. And it couldn’t possibly be otherwise, given how the selfless dog saved her human sister’s life. According to mom, Baby Masailah and Latana Chai’s dog, Sasha, have always been an inseparable pair. They were born only a few days apart and even slept in the same bed as babies. When a fire broke out in their building, their special, unbreakable bond was made clear.

Sasha was behaving strangely shortly after midnight on Saturday. “I heard a loud bang and thought to myself, ‘What is going on?’ I heard Sasha sobbing, and she continued to leap at the door. “As soon as I get to the door, she runs in and immediately begins barking, ” Latana told Kare 11.

When the woman unlocked the door for Sasha, the dog bolted into the baby’s room. Latana then noticed smoke coming from the ceiling, the result of a fire that had started in their neighbor’s house.

Soon after becoming aware of the danger, the mother dashed into her daughter’s room. To her surprise, Sasha had already grabbed Masailah’s diaper and dragged her away to safety. The family attributes their safety to Sasha’s early warning barks. This story demonstrates once again that what matters is how a dog is raised, not the breed. Because all dogs are devoted, intelligent, and adorable.

Learn more about this courageous dog and her life-saving actions by watching the video below!