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Heroic train crew save bobcat frozen to tracks minutes before train sped by

In British Columbia, a wild bobcat’s hind feet became stuck on train tracks, putting it in a precarious position. Because of a quick-thinking train crew, a vulnerable animal was saved from certain death.

But the rescue wasn’t an easy one, since a train was ready to pass by within minutes and the terrified animal was a bit of a challenge to get close to.

A typical work day for Coby Reid, a train inspector in Trail, British Columbia, and his colleagues. The crew began inspecting the tracks early in the morning as part of their practice. The crew must ensure that the trails are clear of obstructions.

The only difference this time around was that it wasn’t quite like that. They noticed something was stuck on the tracks just as they were getting near the Columbia River.

The workers on the crew discovered there was a bobcat as they approached closer. In the beginning, Coby and his crew assumed that the wild feline was reluctant to depart because its breakfast (a duck, possibly hunted) was right in front of it. They quickly realized that the bobcat couldn’t escape. Its paws became frozen to the tracks as a result of the intense cold.

The crew understood they had to move quickly if they were going to save the poor bobcat before the next train passed by. After gently approaching the animal with one of their jackets over its head, they decided to liberate it.

When they approached the bobcat, it reacted aggressively, and the rescue was significantly more difficult than they anticipated. However, the men’s devotion paid off as they were able to free the poor animal!

According to Coby, who spoke to Radio West, it was initially planned to be covered up with a coat. There is no doubt that it was not the adorable feline seen in the photograph.

Afterwards, Coby posted an update on FB about the rescue, which was captured by the crew. He wrote: “Saved this little fellow today. He was enjoying his breakfast (duck) and froze to the rail,” “We were able to free him with some warm water.”

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