Heroic Wolf Dog Saves Owner And Blind Horse From Freezing To Death

I’ve heard many incredible tales of animals going to the aid of humans, but this one is particularly exceptional because it involves a wolf-dog coming to the aid of a blind woman and a horse.

Lisa and Calvin have a farm in Ohio where they grow quarter horses. They have a menagerie of animals, including her devoted wolf-dog Biyou. Lisa was confined to her house one winter after undergoing back surgery. When the horses were returning from grazing, she noticed something was amiss.

Lisa could not see Cass, a blind senior horse she had owned since she was a foal, and knew something was wrong. The old mare had escaped her paddock and wandered out before becoming caught at the bottom of a ravine while attempting to cross a frozen creek.

Lisa went in search of Cass despite the chilly weather and the residual discomfort from her back surgery. She was on the verge of giving up when the mare responded to her call with a whinny. She down the gully to reach the horse, believing that if she could just seize Cass’ halter, she might take her to safety. She plummeted through the ice at the same time as Cass.

Both were now in grave danger as they were submerged in icy water. Lisa’s heart sunk as she knew nobody would ever locate her. She believed she was doomed and moved closer to Cass, reasoning that if she had to leave, she would do it with her horse.

The devoted wolf-dog Biyou then felt something was amiss and began seeking for Lisa… What followed is simply astounding. Watch this video to learn the rest of this unbelievable tale!