Hidden Camera Catches Cute Bear Cub Having A Bath With A Toy Bear He Found

Tamarack, an orphaned bear cub, was rescued from a Northern California wildfire zone last year after his paws were burned by the flames.

He astonished his rescuers by fleeing the animal rehabilitation center where he was receiving treatment for his injuries.

Fortunately, despite his prior tragedy, Tamarack is still alive and thriving, as this video demonstrates.

Since Tamarack’s escape last summer, Toogee Sielsch, a wildlife enthusiast, has been monitoring his activities using trail cameras placed throughout the wooded region surrounding his residence.

From this perspective, the orphaned bear cub has definitely exceeded expectations and is prospering.

Recently, one of Sielsch’s cameras captured footage of Tamarack having a bath in a massive puddle.

He was not alone, however. Tamarack was joined by a stuffed animal he had evidently found and befriended.

The origin of the bear toy is unknown, but Tamarack clearly values it. Sielsch smiled when he saw the two of them together.

“I thought it was a near-perfect illustration of the playful nature of not only young black bears, but all black bears,” Sielsch told The Dodo.

However, the video above is only the most recent happy episode in the life of a bear who endured a difficult beginning. And, with any luck, the best is yet to come.

“It warms my heart to have witnessed his progress against all odds as an orphaned and recuperating yearling cub,” Sielsch remarked.

It demonstrates how stubborn animals is in terms of survival.