Hidden camera records a lovely encounter between a misunderstood dog and a mailman

Rumor has it that dogs and postal workers don’t get along. In New Zealand, though, this lovely German Shepherd and his mystery mailman companion are inseparable. To top it all off, the pup is regarded as exceedingly hazardous by the neighbors.

The owner of a 9-month-old dog was shocked when he watched the security camera’s footage because of the dog’s notoriety. His neighbors’ claims that he had a dog that was a lot like theirs were not true at all. That’s because, in the video, a postman is seen patting the dog, and the dog appears to be happier than ever before.

A joyful accident? Michael Collins, the dog’s owner, initially thought so. However, when he realized that the delightful interaction between his dog and the mysterious mailman occurred on a daily basis, he rapidly changed his mind.

In a FB post, Collins stated, “Every day, whether or not we have mail, this mailman constantly stops to meet my dog, who is just 9 months old.” He always gets overlooked as a scary or unapproachable dog, maybe because he’s enormous. I am not sure. He doesn’t bark at them or snarl (maybe the odd two times he barks at people, but which dog doesn’t?) But this guy here constantly makes an effort to get off his bike to give him a hug and a pat! “

Watch their cute interaction below.