Homeless dog cried like human when being rescued, and now she got forever home

All homeless animals are weak and vulnerable. No one can imagine the horrors they face as they struggle daily with the outdoors, what these poor creatures had faced in the past – when they had a home with their owners. And what made them so scared that they didn’t want anyone to come near them.

A homeless German Shepherd lived under a truck for days until someone spotted her and contacted Hope For Paws for help. The rescue team came to her rescue without hesitation.

The dog was so scared that she just hid behind the car. Her eyes looked sad, and her coat was dirty. The rescuer gave her a cheeseburger, but the dog didn’t accept it. She was too scared to let out a pained cry when she heard it. It was like a human crying in pain and despair. They tried to catch her, but it was not easy because she managed to run away from them.

They helped her calm down and eventually protected the dog, which they name Rain. She didn’t react to people’s touch, just sat silently with a pained expression on her face. She finally agreed to go with them, and at that moment, she relaxed a little as if she knew she was now in safe hands. A good new life is waiting for her ahead.

Thankfully, two weeks later, Rain was adopted. She has a new name, Sassy Pants Dunbar, and is no longer afraid. Her face changed from depression to a smile, and it was terrific. Whatever happened to her in the past, just stay in the past. Sassy Pants Dunbar is such a sweet girl. She deserves all the best in the world. She has an older brother to play with and a caring owner who will love and take care of her forever.

You can watch the video here: