Homeless dog joined soccer match and found himself a new owner

It’s no secret that pets are generally not allowed inside football stadiums. No matter how much you love your dogs or cats, you can’t just bring them to the stadium to watch a football game, let alone let them join the players. So when this dog appeared on the football field of the Hernando Siles stadium in Potosí, Bolivia, he went viral instantly.

Cachito spotted entering the match between The Strongest and Nacional Potosí with a football cup in his mouth; the playful boy seemed happy as he ran around wagging his tail happily and then munching the cup passionately.

The dog stole the show for three minutes in a row. It was not until the referee stopped the game for a few seconds that the home team’s defensive midfielder, Raúl Castro (also known as “Chacha” and “El Comandante”), was taken off the field.

Although his performance didn’t last long, it still helped him steal the hearts of all the players and countless fans around the world. Perhaps this dog is a symbol of luck because The Strongest won 3-0 that day.

However, that is not where the story ended. The famous doggo was seen on the streets just two days later in terrible shape: he was hit by a car. Fortunately, Cachito was quickly placed in a shelter in Chasquipampa, La Paz, where he had a chance to see his old friend again.

According to what Raúl shared, the player was doing some procedures when he accidentally recognized a familiar face from the corner of his eye.

After confirming it was indeed Cachito, the troublemaker he had met two days ago, Raúl immediately decided to put a deposit for the dog’s medical treatment and promised to return to adopt it once he was finished his next match – that’s exactly what he did.

The nice guy also kept the name “Cachito” that dear fans of the two-year-old dog used to call him.

Thanks to his bravery and cheerful personality, Cachito has found himself a great owner. It’s great, isn’t it? Share his sweet story with everyone you love!