Homeless dog lived in the dark but now he can see the light again

Homeless, lonely, scared, and even blind. How terrible would such a life be? It sounded like nothing could be more horrifying than that. And the little dog in this story suffered a miserable life until someone came and pulled him out of the empty darkness.

Hope For Paws received a call about a stray dog ​​in dire need of help, and soon after, they set out to rescue him.

The dog had been in the bushes outside a house for a few days. When Eldad arrived at the scene, the dog was no longer seen. Later, rescuers found him sitting under a tree, and at the time, the sun was blinding Eldad, so he couldn’t realize something was wrong with the dog.

When he tried to get closer, the puppy was a little wild, as if it didn’t want to be touched. The rescuer took time to gain the dog’s trust, then secured him with a gentle trap. Eldad thought the dog was hit by a car, and his reaction was pain. He repeatedly bared his teeth threatening to bite anyone who came near him. Eldad patiently tried to appease him, but the puppy did not surrender.

Finally, Eldad managed to get the dog out of the bushes and found him unhurt but barely visible. Eldad decided to name him Dolittle and told him about one of his canine friends who passed away. Dolittle was no longer aggressive but obediently listened to Eldad’s story. After half an hour, Dolittle fully trusted Eldad and began to spy on him. He was taken to the spa to freshen up his look, and upon check-up, they learned that Dolittle was partially blind.

Thankfully, Dolittle had the chance to have eye surgery and is now able to see again. The dog can play happily with his new friends and find joy in everyday moments. He enjoyed a life filled with light, but a permanent home is what he needs most.

Dolittle is still looking for a care home. If you are interested in adopting it, please contact L.A. Animal Rescue.

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You can watch the rescue video below: