Homeless Man Is Overjoyed When Police Help Him Reunite With Pet Rat

They were ecstatic to see one another once more.

Living on the streets of Sydney, Australia, Chris and his pet rat Lucy are a well-known sight to commuters and pedestrians alike. It is easy to tell simply by passing by how much the couple actually loves each other because they are both so amiable and nice.

Alyson Pearce said on a GoFundMe campaign for Chris and Lucy, “Almost every day since I started my job in the city Chris and his pet rat Lucy have sat in the same area, Chris speaking to visitors and Lucy happily nibbling, napping, and watching on.” They are a characteristic of city life in Sydney, and I always smile and feel happy for them that they are together.

Everyone assumed that the pair would always be together until Chris was unexpectedly seen leaving his beloved Lucy one day.


On April 6, a woman approached Chris’ possessions, picked up Lucy, and left with her while Chris was gone to use the restroom. When Chris returned and saw Lucy was gone, he was so heartbroken that he immediately called the police, who launched a search for Lucy.

Everyone was so confident that the authorities would soon be able to reunite the two best friends because they saw and spoke to Chris every day and started to wonder where Lucy was. Chris even created a placard that read, “On Saturday, my pet mouse Lucy was taken. Lucy is mostly black and white with some brown coloring.

After about a week and a half, cops managed to bring Chris back to Lucy when they took him to the police station.


It turns out that the woman who took Lucy assumed she had been abandoned when she saw her sitting by herself and brought her home to take care of her. Everyone was happy that no one had genuinely intended to damage Chris and Lucy because it was all a big misunderstanding.


When Lucy saw Chris, she scampered up the side of the box that the officers had brought her over in to try to reach him. Chris examined her over carefully as he took her up and was ecstatic to discover that she was in fact his Lucy.


In a video of the reunion, Chris is heard saying, “That’s her.” Yes, she does recall me.


Chris thanked the officers and apologized to them for the trouble they had to go through in searching for Lucy after giving Lucy plenty of hugs and kisses. Naturally, the police were glad to assist, and they were even happier when they saw Chris and Lucy together. They may be the loveliest couple in all of Australia because they are so obviously in love with one another.


The cops were delighted to know that everyone in Sydney will soon get to see Chris and Lucy reunited again, so after saying their thanks and goodbyes, they offered them a lift in their police cruiser. Chris will be able to provide Lucy with all of the care she need because to a GoFundMe that has been set up for them.