Homeless man rushes into a burning shelter and saves all the animals

He is acclaimed as a hero after his fast thinking saved the lives of 10 cats and six dogs who were in desperate need. Keith Walker is 53 years old and lives on the streets. A fire was observed coming from the W-Underdogs animal shelter in Atlanta, Georgia, and the courageous man did not hesitate to risk his life in order to save the helpless animals. All of the animals that were trapped inside the burning shelter were rescued and survived as a result of his selfless act of kindness.

Gracie Hamlin

According to Keith, he was “nervous, I’m not going to lie.” With all that smoke, I was apprehensive about going in there. Nevertheless, I believe God sent me to save those animals.

Since he was just 13 years old, Keith has been living on the streets with a pit bull named Bravo. While on his way to the shelter to pick up his dog at the time of the fire, he saw the flames. Gracie Hamlin, the shelter’s owner, is familiar with Keith because she allows him to leave Bravo there each night.

The courageous guy stated, “If you can love a dog, you can love anyone.” Because my dog is my dearest buddy and without him I would not be here, I knew I had to save all those other pets.

Gracie was overjoyed to learn that all the animals in the shelter were safe as a result of Keith’s bravery. She explained to CNN that he was a guardian angel for her. “He was removing cats and dogs one by one until they were all secure. I cannot express my gratitude to him enough for rescuing my animals. I’m still in disbelief, because I’ve been in the vicinity of a fire and am aware of how quickly they can flare up. He is a hero of mine. “

As luck would have it, the shelter was about to relocate its animals to a new location, so the rescued animals could finally settle in!