Hopeless pup a.ban.doned on the road now gets permanent home

A.ban.donment is a nightmare for any dog. It’s heartbreaking to see these little creatures struggling to fend for themselves out the door. They once had a home with someone who took care of them. Suddenly one day, they were thrown into the street without knowing what would happen next.

The Mladenovac Dog Rescue Shelter was on their way to somewhere when they saw a little dog on the side of the road. The dog looked very lonely and scared, but she quickly ran to them as if she was waiting for them here as the team got closer. Soon after, the team discovered the sad fact that another dog was lying there, and unfortunately, it passed away. It could get hit by a car.

The surviving dog kept running around, looking like she didn’t know what to do. Maybe she couldn’t bear to leave her brother. She wanted someone to help her brother. The sweet and loyal dog must be unfortunate to lose her brother and sister. The rescuers finally caught a good moment to grab her. Then they came to say goodbye to her deceased brother, hoping that he would have a wonderful life in heaven. He is a beautiful dog.

They named the female Nina and found her a new home. The sad things that happened to her in the past are in the past. She now has a warm family full of care and love and a close friend to play with every day.

Dogs are precious and devoted creatures. They don’t deserve to be mistreated or a.ban.doned. They deserve to be loved, so please don’t leave them on the street alone.

You can watch the video below: