Horse runs away and walks right into a police station

I’m very sure neither of you enjoy going to the police station, but the lovely horse in the video evidently does. He fled his home and then proceeded to the police station, where he entered.

A few moments later, the security guard escorted him out of the building, but the horse remained waiting in front of the structure until an officer arrived and escorted him back in.

Was he there to greet the cops or to ask for a position on a police horse? As it turns out, he simply stopped by to say hello. What makes this story interesting is that he escaped from his house and wound himself in front of the police station.

I’m not sure if he traveled there on his own or was accompanied by someone. I am rather certain that the second option should be chosen because it is the most suitable course of action in these circumstances.

To be honest, I hope anything like this never happens to anyone, but if it does, let’s hope your horse ends up in front of the police station.

Please take a look at the video below and give your thoughts. If you have any unique or humorous animal stories to offer, please do so in the comment area below. They are quite helpful.