Huge Wolf Hybrid And Tiny German Shepherd Puppy Are The Cutest Playmates

Smokey, a wolf hybrid, weighed 127 pounds. Charlie was a 10-week-old German Shepherd that weighed only 20 pounds. You’d think Smokey would be too intimidating for the puppy to play with, but you’d be wrong!

Even though he is outweighed more than 100 pounds, puppy Charlie is fearless in his roughhousing with Smokey, and Smokey treats him like a baby.

The two play together for a few minutes, and then Charlie needs a water break. They’re back at it again a few minutes later, this time with a cute playing that’s the cutest you have ever seen!

Smokey likes to spend much of his time lying down on his back while Charlie climbs on him, gently biting each other’s paws in dominance training. He even thumps his tail a few times to show just how much these two are enjoying this play-time activity.

No two characters ever made a better play-buddy than Smokey and Charlie.

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