Hungry Wolfdog Was So Scared He Was Afraid Of Everything, Until He Met Love

Castiel was without anything, not even a name, a home, or a family. He was a stray “dog” all by himself, wandering in the Los Angeles suburbs. Castiel had clearly spent a lot of time alone, long enough to become severely malnourished, riddled with parasites, and to have lost a lot of fur due to mange. It was unclear whether Castiel had previously been someone’s pet.

One-year-old Castiel initially appeared to be any ordinary puppy, but rescuers soon realized he was actually a wolfdog mix.

They started seeking for a sanctuary that would take a hybrid in order to save him from being put to death by one that couldn’t provide him the care he needed.

WOLF Sanctuary, a group that saves wolves and wolfdogs, fortunately saved Castiel.

Castiel was taken to a hospital off-site after receiving medical care, where he could stay until he was well enough to go to the sanctuary.

The hospital staff observed Castiel’s extreme shyness and dread of his new surroundings right away. He preferred to avoid social interaction by hiding in corners.