Husky sisters were abandoned with their toys in a dog park along with a heartbreaking note

A pair of huskies was roaming wild in a dog park, which on any other day would indicate two happy, healthy dogs. However, it was because they were abandoned in the instances of Jada and Layla.

Mona Ahmed manages Fresno, California’s Woodward Dog Park. Additionally, she founded Fresno Furry Friends, a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting shelter animals and spay and neuter programs.

She recently received a phone call from a woman claiming to have seen the two dogs in the park but not their owner.

Mona drove over immediately upon noticing Jada and Layla wandering aimlessly. A box contained their toys and feeding bowls, along with a brief letter that read:

“Jada (black) and Layla (brown) are our given names,” the note stated. “We are a pair of adorable one-year-old puppies. Kindly avoid dividing us. Without her sibling, Layla becomes fearful.”

When Mona inquired about the two huskies at the park, she discovered they had been there since early morning and had been running about for several hours.

“Someone stated, ‘Yes, I saw [a woman] abandon the huskies. She has just informed us that she is heading to the car and will return shortly. As a result, nobody paid any attention to the fact that she was truly gone, ” Mona explained to the Dodo.

Ahmed felt terrible for Jada and Layla, but she was relieved that she had been alerted. If the dogs had been left overnight in the park, they could have been harmed.

“They may have leapt over the fence and been struck by a car,” Ahmed explained. “Right in front of the dog park is a very busy road. The speed limit is 50, although many individuals travel at speeds of 65 or more.”

Regrettably, this is not the first time canines have been abandoned at Woodward Dog Park. Ahmed, who has maintained the dog park for ten years, stated that 13 additional dogs had been abandoned at the park, leaving her the charge of rescuing and rehoming them.

“This infuriates me,” Ahmed stated. “This is not the proper method to give away dogs. All they needed to do was ask for assistance.”

While keeping owners and dogs together is always the best option, Rachael Lewis, manager of media and communications at the ASPCA, told The Dodo that there are resources available for people who are unable to maintain their animals.

“The most critical thing for pet owners to understand is that there are numerous services available to them — they simply need to contact their local animal shelter,” Lewis explained. “A local shelter can meet with you to discuss your circumstances and then lead you through the various resources accessible to you.”

Ahmed, who created Fresno Furry Friends, a spay and neuter group, took in Jada and Layla and placed them in a stable foster home. The huskies, whom Ahmed believes are sisters, were not spayed or microchipped, and she intends to ensure that they are before they are rehomed.

“We aim to find the pets the proper home,” Ahmed explained. She did add, though, that the dogs’ foster mother is falling in love with them, suggesting that they may have already found their forever home.

“She is adamant about retaining them,” Ahmed explained. “I’m going to do a home inspection and everything else in a few days.”

Meanwhile, the foster mother takes Jada and Layla to the dog park daily — and always returns with joyful memories.

CORRECTION: A previous version of this article incorrectly claimed that the dogs’ names were Vada and Layla. Jada and Layla are, nevertheless, their correct names.