Husky sneaks out of the house to make friends with wild deer

Dogs are proving that they are the best friend not only to humans but other species as well. We’ve seen some improbable friendships lately. And it seems that huskies tend to find their best companions among other species.

When Koda got lost last December, her owner desperately tried to find her, but all his efforts were in vain. But when Rachel Howatt, the dog’s owner, lost all hope, the sly husky made her way home as if nothing had happened.

“We definitely looked for her, but she ended up coming back,” Howatt said. “She’s brilliant, so I had no doubt she could find her way home.”

Wondering where she might be, Howatt decided to check out a neighbor’s dashcam. Just to make sure her Konda wasn’t spotted in the woods near their home in Manitoba, Ontario, Canada. And the scenes revealed something worthy of a Disney story.

While missing, Koda was actually spending time with her newest friend, a wild deer. They even eat and nap together. “That was pretty a thing,” Howatt said. “Based on how much time they spent in the frame, it looked like they spent over 12 hours together. There is also another photo where there are two bucks in the picture with her. ”

Howatt said she would do her best to keep her beloved dog at home, but her efforts may not be successful as Koda will want to reunite with her friend. “Huskies have such a free spirit,” says Howatt. “I’m not surprised at all that Koda is trying to make new friends.”

However, this isn’t the first time dogs, and deers have had a great friendship. The adorable footage below shows an unusual duo staying together throughout the day: