Husky stuck on a roof kisses the firefighter who rescues him

To save our lives, firefighters put their own lives at risk. And they’re not just helping humans; they’re also benefiting animals. Dogs can’t be any different from humans when it comes to their admiration for these great heroes. This rescued dog in Maine decided to show his gratitude to the firefighters who saved his life in the most adorable way possible. And it’s a very heartwarming moment.

Wells Fire Department

A passerby observed a Husky stranded on the roof of a house, so they promptly phoned the police to report the incident. A short time later, Wells Police Department Captain Jeff Nawfel from Maine arrived on the scene. The experienced first responder was unable to manage the problem in a timely manner. His efforts paid off in the end, and the puppy was rescued without harm.

Captain Nawfel described the dog’s behavior to InsideEdition as “pacing back and forth on the overhang over the porch.” “It didn’t look very distressed.” However, the dog’s thank-you to Captain Nawfel left everyone stunned. With a hearty kiss, he thanked his saviour for saving his life. As luck would have it, the sweet moment was captured on camera, which was then posted on social media.

“This lovely dog gained access to the top of his home via an upstairs window. We received numerous telephone calls…” On FB, the Wells, Maine Police Department stated. “Officer McDonald and the Wells Fire Department collaborated to rescue him! Thank you to everyone that called and assisted in his rescue.” According to the fire brigade, the unfortunate puppy gained access to the roof via an open window.

Take a look at this beautiful moment: