“I Could Wait 6 Years For A Moment Like This”: Wildlife Photographer Waits 6 Days For A Perfect Leopard And A Black Panther Shot

Living in a large city full of running automobiles, incredibly tall buildings, and people who are always in a hurry, it is fairly simple to lose sight of all of Mother Nature’s marvels. Fortunately, there are talented people in the world who always manage to remind us of this. One of these individuals is Mithun, a wildlife photographer from India, according to boredpanda.

Mithun is a wildlife photographer with a particular fondness for leopards and other large wild cats. Mithun’s photography account on Instagram is currently followed by more than 140,000 people. His Instagram page is filled with regal images of these wild cats, and people appear to appreciate it quite a bit. Also, Bored Panda had the opportunity to ask Mithun some intriguing questions about his works, so be sure to scroll down to find out what he said!

Recently, Mithun posted one of his photographs in which he captured the extraordinary sight of a leopard and its “shadow,” a black panther.

Behind her in this photograph stand a leopard and a black panther. These wild cats are photographed in such a way that the black one almost appears to be the shadow of the one in the foreground. In addition, both cats are peacefully observing the camera. This photograph instantly went viral, as people were enthralled by this breathtaking picture.

This photograph is titled “The Eternal Couple”

“I can still close my eyes every single day of my life and experience that moment. That’s not something you see very often. “This is likely a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,” Mithun said. “There was obviously a great deal of waiting and patience involved. I had waited in the same location for six days since I could hear the panther and Cleopatra mating approximately 100 meters away in the dense undergrowth, but I could not see them due to poor vision. They had made a substantial kill and would not move until the slaughter was complete. The knowledge and years of experience in tracking and pursuing the panther came in help at this point. I only had to wait at one of his preferred routes for six days, as it was where he would bring her, as that was the edge of his domain. It was worth the wait, however. I might have waited six years for this moment.”

“My passion is to uncover the forest’s secrets,” stated the photographer.

When asked what he enjoys most about wildlife photography, Mithun replied, “The element of surprise. You never know what you will encounter around the next corner. My passion lies in unraveling the mysteries of the forest. You may have to wait days, months, or even years for the right shot. However, when it occurs, those few seconds are magical and worth living for. This is the charm of photographing wildlife.”

In 2009, Mithun acquired his first camera, marking the beginning of his journey.

“Having been born and raised in the jungles of South India, I have always had a fascination for wildlife and big cats ever since I was a child. Photography allowed me to preserve the moments I saw in the wilderness. In 2009, I purchased my first camera and witnessed a stunning male tiger swimming and wading over a swiftly moving river. The photographer told Bored Panda, “At that moment, I made a decision regarding my future.”

Leopards were his first love since childhood.

As previously indicated, Mithun has a particular fondness for photographing large wild cats: “Although I adore all forms of animals and birds in particular, huge cats have always fascinated me. In particular, leopards were my first passion. This cat’s quickness and grace in the trees captivated me beyond measure.”

“I would spend hours observing them resting with their young on a tree. Named and tracked their unique journeys in Kabini during the past twelve years. “It all began with two of my favorite leopards, whom I named “Monk” (a large male) and “Moon” (a female), and their offspring are still going strong,” the photographer explained.

Many people view wildlife photography as a very dangerous activity. Here’s what Mithun has to say about this: “There are unquestionably risks involved. However, if you recognize your limitations and study animal behavior, the most crucial aspect, you will have won half the battle. These gorgeous creatures are typically more timid and fearful than we believe. Give them space and allow them to become comfortable with you, and you will discover how intimately you can enter their world. The key is patience and deference.”

We were intrigued to know which of Mithun’s works is dearest to his heart. The photographer informed us that the shot of a leopard and her “shadow” panther is among his best.

The photographer informed us, “There’s also the panther drinking and his reflection in the water, which went viral a few years ago.”

Mithun concluded the interview by stating, “Through my work, I hope to promote leopard awareness and conservation. They are the most neglected of the world’s big cats and are in danger due to conflict with humans at the forest’s edge. People must recognize the incredible beauty and grace of this magnificent feline, as well as their vital role in the ecology.”

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Source: boredpanda.com