I’m Not Kidding”, Baby Hippo Yells Out For Help After A Bird Flock Land On Its Back

We have several responses to the same subject. It is understandable because everyone has their own perspective. This also occurs in the animal world, gentlemen. While a newborn elephant couldn’t be happier to pursue and dance with a swarm of birds, this baby rhino is completely enamored with the feathery companions. It turns out to be quite amusing and endearing. Keep reading!

A small flock of oxpeckers landed on the back of the juvenile hippo when it was alone and playing. Actually, it endured the birds for around ten seconds until the owner decided to remove them. These oxpeckers, however, refused to depart. The humorous tale began!

The distressed calf cried out for assistance when oxpeckers began nibbling at its back. It was genuinely terrified. It made every effort to deter unwelcome passengers. “I’m not kidding. Keep your distance from me.”

The hippopotamus ran and twisted its body unsuccessfully. It even pretended to run into the water to scare the birds away. Thankfully, the birds quickly abandoned their attempts to feed and flew away.