Incredible moment of Wild bear Cub and dog form an unlikely friendship

An incredible moment was captured on camera showing an excitable dog and a naughty bear cub wrestling with each other on the ground.
The unlikely friends will face each other before rolling happily on the mountainside.
In the video above, you can see the curious cub zigzagging across the grass before approaching the man filming and shaking his hand in a friendly manner.
Suddenly, a dog flew out of nowhere after being released from the leash and ran towards the cubs.

The pair quickly completed, and the bear cub stood on its hind legs before the uncertain friends began wrestling.
The cub catches up with the puppy and wrestles it to the ground, then they switch roles, and the dog starts chasing the bear, which is a fun sight to see!

The crowd watched and laughed at the amusing sight, and although the bear was wild, it did not seem strange to all people around.

Neither of the animals became aggressive. The lighthearted roughhousing cheerfully lasted a few minutes before they separated and the bear roamed.

The cub looks like a young brown bear, which is very common in the area.