Injured stray dog wanders into vet clinic to ask people for help

Dayse Ferreira’s veterinary practice in Brazil received an unexpected guest earlier this week.

When the dog arrived, it was in a bad way and in need of medical attention.

In the end, he got exactly what he wanted.


Ferreira had just finished another client when she noticed the dog come in, limping from an injured paw.She and her coworkers were astounded to see that he’d gone out of his way to seek their assistance on his own. And he appeared to immediately trust them.

When he entered, he extended the damaged paw as if to greet us and to demonstrate his discomfort, Ferreira told The Dodo. “We were shocked that he knew where to seek assistance.”

Ferreira did not waste any time in welcoming the poor puppy inside.

This is the video of that moment:

Ferreira examined the dog quickly and discovered that his paw was not significantly wounded. However, it was fortunate that he had visited the clinic for another reason.

She’d noticed that the pup was also suffering from a tiny tumor and was flea-infested. Both were, fortunately, treatable.

Ferreira bathed the dog and put him on medication. However, by seeking assistance, the lonely dog discovered something even more wonderful.

He discovered hope.


Word has already spread about the vet clinic’s surprise new patient, and adoption offers have begun pouring in for when the time is perfect. His days as a lonely, unloved dog are definitely over. And he appears to know it.

“He doesn’t even appear sick. He really is so delighted to be around people who care about him,” Ferreira added.


Now, the formerly homeless dog’s future seems better than ever – thanks to his own initiative in locating the ideal location to seek assistance and to the individuals who didn’t hesitate to provide it.

“The most admirable aspect of his behavior is that he arrived on his own. His IQ is extraordinary “Ferreira explained. “I’m confident he’ll find a family that will embrace him and shower him with the affection he deserves.”

H/T: The DoDo