Kind Man Spots Someone Hiding In The Weeds And Makes A Lifesaving Decision

He knew just what to do.

Being a big black-and-white puppy makes hiding difficult, but Fergie, a 2-year-old, thought she had no other option. She snuggled up beneath a mat of weeds and waited for someone to discover her because she had been abandoned in the woods and was unsure of her surroundings.

Fortunately, a kind person passing by the forested area noticed the puppy just in time and alerted the Stray Rescue of St. Louis (SRSL) team for assistance.


The chief life saving officer of SRSL, Donna Lochmann, told The Dodo, “At first, I didn’t really see her anywhere.” However, when I returned the following day, she was still hidden in the weeds.

When they first met, Fergie wasn’t sure how to feel about her rescuer. She had been on her own outside for some time and was obviously in survival mode; she was unsure about Lochmann’s reliability at the time. The terrified pup then got to his feet and began growling at Lochmann.

Lochmann then realized that something wasn’t right.

She wasn’t using her front right leg, I discovered,” Lochmann added. She had obvious wounds.


In addition to being harmed, Fergie was encircled by a mass of dense foliage and entangled vines. Lochmann tried something else because she understood that trying to catch the pup by putting a slip lead around her neck wouldn’t be the best idea.

Lochmann stated, “I felt it’d be quicker to lay a trap and see whether she went in.” So I filled one of my traps with a lot of freshly fried chicken.

The pup was famished, but she was also cautious of the trap. Lochmann was shocked to discover that the chicken and the trap had been abandoned when she went back to check on her.

However, Fergie was no longer at the same location in the weeds. She had found her way to an abandoned home nearby and had taken up residence along its foundation.


Lochmann changed his strategy in an effort to save the dog. The seasoned rescuer chose to gain Fergie’s trust by speaking in a soft and encouraging tone rather than trying to catch her when she was unaware.

I knelt down where she could see me and simply tried talking to her for a little while,” Lochmann recalled. This time, she didn’t jump up and try to flee from me.

Fergie spoke to Lochmann as he crept softly toward her. Lochmann carefully tossed the end of a leash in Fergie’s direction and comforted her that everything was going to be okay when she was finally close enough to approach the puppy.

Here, you can hear Lochmann speaking with Fergie:

Lochmann admitted, “I kind of did that a couple of times and said, ‘See, it’s a leash.

Lochmann tried putting the leash over Fergie’s head but she didn’t react to it. She was surprised to see the leash snap into place with barely any resistance from the terrified dog.

Lochmann remarked, “She very much just shut down.” She must have been quite worn out from spending so much time alone.


After securing Fergie’s safety, Lochmann immediately took the dog to the doctor. Fergie tested positive for parvo in addition to her shoulder damage, which will necessitate an amputation.

Lochmann claims that the pup became seriously ill the same night that she was saved, but fortunately she received treatment straight away.


She hasn’t fully recovered yet, but Lochmann noted that she has recently resumed eating and appears to be recovering.

Although Fergie still has a long way to go before she can find a forever home, the lucky dog is exactly where she needs to be to recover. Fergie is anticipated to make a full recovery with a ton of love and care from her SRSL carers.

Although it will be difficult for employees like Lochmann to say goodbye to Fergie, they will be relieved to know that she is now living the life she deserves.