Largest orca pod ever caught on camera off the coast of Norway

It’s an extraordinary sight to see hundreds of killer whales converging on the Norwegian coast at the same time. At least 300 individuals in the enormous pod were unexpectedly discovered by an expedition boat, and the footage left everyone puzzled.

Given that top predators like orcas like to travel in small groups, the presence of so many of them naturally raises some concerns. An animal-watching guide originally noticed the enormous pod. At first glance, everyone thought they may be related, but when they realized that their numbers were increasing, they discarded the concept.

When the mating season begins, orcas gather in great numbers. In spite of this, the nesting habits of these nimble sea organisms are a closely guarded secret; no other comparable gathering has ever been observed.

This orca’s peculiar behavior was eventually revealed by the enormous number of marine birds that fled over. In addition, they soon discovered that a fishing fleet existed in the area. As a result, all of these hungry orcas have made their way in that direction only for the goal of feeding. Herring, a favorite of orcas, can be found in abundance in these waters. Orcas congregate in vast numbers here during the beginning of the fishing season. For the first time, a pod this size was captured on film.

Check out this incredible sight: