Lazy horse plays dead every time someone tries to ride him – Try not to laugh when you see him playing dead

Unlike cats and dogs, which are accustomed to making us laugh, we have a hard time understanding how horses can do it. The lethargic Jingang, on the other hand, is going to alter our picture of these powerful, obedient animals.

It is well-known that horses have tremendous strength. They have been used by humans for hundreds of years. After all, their extraordinary strength is the reason they became well-known as a species.

A horse has recently become a viral phenomenon on the internet. Moreover, it’s not for anything that horses are well-known for; rather, it’s for something completely different. Jingang’s attempts to escape being ridden by others are always amusing to see. As you may have guessed, the hilarious moments were captured on tape and have since gone viral. As far as I know, his own species isn’t too pleased with him, but it doesn’t really matter.

Jingang, who considers himself a free soul, does not enjoy being ridden by people. As a result, he simply pretends to be dead whenever someone approaches him in this manner. Amused, a man who had been rejected by the lethargic horse replied, “He’s just pretending to be dead.”

Nearly 25 million people have seen the amusing video of Jingang behaving like an Oscar nominee on social media. One user said, “That horse is a genius, I wish I could just do that every time someone I don’t like comes near me.” Another person said: “He’s not lazy, he’s brilliant.” If you don’t have to, why burden yourself with it?

Watch the amazing horse in the video below!