Lion Climbed Onto Tourist Bus Seeking Cuddles And Attention (Video)

As we have mentioned earlier, encounters that involve animals are so darn cute, which is why whatever it is between those animals is sure to be adorable. For instance, if the two are of different species; in such cases, the encounter can be between a dog and a cat or between a cat and a human. It’s never boring!

This particular encounter is between an animal and a group of humans. The animal that is involved is not just any animal. The mighty lion itself is the king of the jungle. There is a little lion in this video. This means that the cuteness is increased three times. Don’t think we’re telling the truth?

You have to scroll down and find out what you’re looking for.

One fine day, Filya, a little lion, thought that she deserved to be spoiled for once and decided that she needed some pamper time. She climbed onto a bus full of humans, demanding that the people pet her and give her the attention she so well deserves.

The crowd of tourists is so delighted to see the little lion that greets them. He did not show any signs of aggression as he approached. So, he was let on board. And these tourists were extremely lucky. None of them thought that they would meet a lion on a bus. These were just amazing happenings. And the people were, just as expected, a lot amazed to see this lion, so they were thrilled to be in the company of the biggest hero.

And what do you know, the tawny little wildcat just wanted some loving! He licks some of the tourists, using his face as a sign of affection. Well, as you can see, he just wanted some love. And he was surprised on the busy bus that the tourists weren’t at all stingy with love and affection.

Here is a video capturing the incident. You can see Filya the baby lion being loved and gently nuzzle by tourists.