Little Dog Jumps Into His Mom’s Arms After Being Lost For 5 Years

“It was the world’s greatest sensation.”

Paris didn’t at first recognize those who were in front of him. Despite the fact that the small puppy hadn’t seen them in five years, as soon as he recognized them, he leaped into his mother’s arms and wouldn’t let go.

Bob Swensen, an animal rescuer, told The Dodo that the animal “started to recognize them and then simply wanted to be carried.” “It was the world’s greatest sensation.”


The Missing Animal Resource Group member Swensen was looking for another lost pet along a stretch of railroad tracks in Baltimore when a camera he had installed to watch for dogs informed him that Paris had gotten into one of his traps.

According to Swensen, “I watched the video and observed the two small eyeballs climbing up inside the trap.” He was certainly afraid and anxious, but he handled it admirably. He was brought inside and made comfortable at my home office.

Swensen was able to locate Paris’ actual home with the help of Rachel Moxley of Microchip Help. Swensen soon found himself gleefully witnessing the reunion of Paris and his family.


Mom of Paris was shocked to see her beloved cat back in her arms. She admitted to Swensen that Paris had run away while momentarily visiting with a family friend, but she never gave up hope that he’d come back.

Swensen remarked that “she couldn’t believe we discovered Paris.” “She had been hoping and praying for over three years that Paris would be located and that she wouldn’t adopt another dog. She persisted in prayer and never gave up.

Swensen has been engaged in numerous pet rescues, but this one felt especially significant.

Although we have reunited many of lost pets, Swensen noted that this one was particularly meaningful.


Where Paris has been for the past five years is unknown. Swensen believes that before making his way to the railroad tracks, he was probably kept by another person. It’s obvious now that Paris will never feel lost again, no matter where his experiences brought him.