Little Dog Waits Outside Dollar Store For 3 Weeks Hoping Someone Will Notice Him

A small dog named Robbie waited outside the door of a busy Dollar General in Houston, Texas, for three weeks. The little brown dog was all by himself, so he hid under a plastic chair and watched people come and go, hoping someone would notice him.


Lucky for Robbie, Kristin Erwin knew she had to help as soon as she saw him.

Erwin told The Dodo, “I thought he was the cutest thing, with his fat little legs.” “When I heard he’d been around for three weeks already, it broke my heart.”


Robbie was running around a nearby parking lot when Erwin, who often helps save dogs, drove by. Erwin went into the Dollar General to find out why the sweet dog was all alone. He asked the clerk if she knew anything about Robbie’s story. The clerk said that someone would be back for Robbie, but Erwin didn’t believe her. Erwin gave the clerk her phone number and asked what would happen if Robbie’s caretaker didn’t show up. Just as she thought, Erwin got a text message soon after that telling him that they hadn’t come and that Robbie needed help.

Erwin said, “It was already getting dark, but I ran straight to the Dollar General.”

Robbie finally got into Erwin’s car after he and the helpful clerk bribed him with treats. He was soon warm and safe in her home.

Erwin made sure Robbie had room to move around and time to get used to his new home. Erwin thought at first that Robbie was scared because he didn’t do much. But as Erwin got to know Robbie better, she saw that he was a pretty chill guy.

Erwin said, “He was completely calm. He was eating and sleeping.”

With help from Lola’s Lucky Day, Robbie was moved to a loving foster home, where he’ll stay until he’s ready to find his forever family.

Robbie, who once didn’t know how his story would end, can now rest easy knowing that soon he’ll have a permanent, loving place to call his own.