Little Dog Who Won’t Stop Smiling Is The Happiest Thing You’ll See All Day

Meet Chevy, the dog with a smile of one thousand watts.

In Kettering, Ohio, the nine-year-old Pomeranian lives with his mother and father. Due to his constant grin, he has become somewhat of a local celebrity.

We have never witnessed him having a terrible day. It just makes us laugh,” Chevy’s mother Tina Marcum Denlinger told The Dodo. “Everything is cause for a party. When we go for a walk, he rejoices. If food is present, he celebrates. He is always so cheerful.”

His parents and him enjoy trekking and camping. At the campground, Chevy wears a small hat to shield his eyes from the sun and sits in the front seat of his parents’ golf cart, where he presides.

Denlinger stated, “He rides the golf cart and scans the entire area.” Everyone recognizes him…. He simply climbs onto the cart, which is equipped with a harness to prevent him from falling. And that is his specialty. He appears to be in a parade or something. He is really positive.”

Chevy frowns on sometimes, despite the fact that he naturally smiles. The small dog’s countenance changes when he is chilly or uncomfortable, alerting his parents that something is wrong.

The moment food or the leash are introduced, though, Chevy’s charisma returns. Despite the fact that Chevy is now a senior dog, you would never guess it from his exuberant and cheerful disposition.

Denlinger stated, “Everyone believes he is a puppy because he is full of energy.” “He engages in a behavior known as’spin dry,’ in which he spins around anytime he desires something. He moves into a complete circle.”

His smile can’t help but brighten the day of his parents and everybody he sees on the street. There’s something about the small puppy that just makes you happy. And Chevrolet’s parents believe he knows what he’s doing and enjoys spreading happiness wherever he goes.

Denlinger remarked, “Everyone loves him because he’s so optimistic.”

To learn more about Chevy, you can follow him on Instagram.

Source: The Dodo