‘Little Gremlin’ Shelter Dog Reveals Sweetest Smile When He Finally Learns To Trust

One more major attitude, some of the helpers thought.

Staff workers at Speranza Animal Rescue weren’t sure what to expect when they received a call informing them that an extremely agitated bulldog was on the way.

Frank entered, and the rescue team realized they would be in for a challenge after taking one glance at his relaxed grouchy face.


Frank typically acted fiercely and unpredictable, and his personality mirrored his grimace. Staff members were content to give Frank the kindness and love he obviously lacked, though.

The charity stated in a FB post that the dog was “less than friendly” when he was rescued as a stray. Low growls and snarls accompanied his constant RBF. Despite being small in appearance, this little gremlin is full of attitude. However, we are already so in love.


Rescue workers were hesitant at first, but they soon warmed to the energetic little guy.

When they heard that Frank was coming, some of the volunteers reportedly thought, “Oh no, another huge attitude,” according to rescue representative Janine Guido, who spoke to The Dodo. They “fell head over heels” after that, though.

Rescue workers slowly started teaching Frank manners by using positive reinforcement, such as how to walk on a leash and how to politely ask for what he desired. As time passed, Frank gained confidence in his new acquaintances and even started to enjoy their company. His frown quickly disappeared to reveal the cutest smile.


Guido is ecstatic with Frank’s development thus far.

“Frankfort is making good strides with the volunteers and the rescue!” said Guido. He no longer growls in greeting, which is good for all of us.


Frank will soon move into a foster household where he will continue to develop his good boy skills. When Frank is prepared, he will be put up for adoption and find his forever family.

He will be able to engage in all of his favorite activities in the meantime, such as playing with his toys and taking long walks.


This once surly guy is going to live the joyful life he deserves because to the persistence and patience of the dog lovers who believe in him.