Little Orphaned Grizzly Bear Cub Enjoys Having Her Feet Tickled By Man Who Rescued Her

This is the remarkable moment when a man tickles the feet of an orphaned grizzly bear cub he has rescued and befriended.

Casey Anderson, a National Geographic television host, naturalist, filmmaker, and founder of the Montana Grizzly Encounter, introduced Bella, the grizzly.

He has spent much time with the rescued bear cub and appears to have discovered that she enjoys having her feet tickled.

Bella was discovered alone in the Alaskan tundra, helpless and without a mother to protect her. She was clearly in need of rescue.

She was taken to the sanctuary Anderson started and so he brought her in and began taking care of her.

Once she was safe in the sanctuary and had settled down, Anderson worked on developing a bond with the sweet cub.

And this video of Anderson tickling her feet above is a clear indication that the bonding process went well.

In the video, Bella can be seen putting her mouth on Anderson’s hands as they move around, with Anderson speaking to her as if she were a tiny child.

Additionally, you can see some of the techniques he used to earn Bella’s respect, which is critical for an animal like a grizzly bear.

As pleasant as it is to see a cute grizzly bear cub giggling as her feet are tickled, Anderson’s videos serve a much deeper, more significant purpose.

Not only is the sanctuary providing a safe haven for bears like Bella, but he also hopes to educate the public about these animals in order to alleviate some of the fear associated with them.

In another, longer video, Anderson recounts his incredible long-term friendship with another bear cub he discovered over ten years ago, Brutus.