Lost 10-Year-Old Girl Survives Intense Blizzard By Hugging Stray Dog

An incredible 10-year-old girl survived thanks to the help of one dog, and people are hailing her survival as a miraculous event. Vika Z, a local child in Sakhalin, Russia, enjoyed spending time with the stray dogs. Because of this, she turned to her canine companions when she became stranded in a snowstorm.

For 18 hours, Vika went missing as temperatures plunged to -11 degrees Celsius. Her family was afraid the cold night would be too much for her, but a miracle occurred when a stray dog came to her rescue. This dog is deserving of a lot of praise for his thoughtful and protective actions.

A Perilous Snowstorm

On her way home from school one day, Vika got disoriented by a blizzard and ended up getting lost. Some drifts of snow blocked the first levels of buildings as the snow accumulated to two feet deep. Despite this, Vika’s family and the rest of the town continued to seek her.

The weather eventually deteriorated to the point where visibility was severely impaired by the accumulating snow. The members of Vika’s family were out, yelling her name. They went door-to-door to see if anyone had seen her. The girl was spotted earlier in the day by someone who said she observed her engaging in play with a stray dog outside an apartment complex.

In the end, Vika was just about a half-mile from her home when her tip led a rescue squad to her location. During the blizzard, she huddled close to a soft dog that was keeping her warm. Animal enthusiasts had prepared a mattress beneath a balcony for the stray animals, on which they were both sleeping. The girl and her dog were well-protected from the snow by the balcony.

The Girl’s Life is Saved by the Dog

It’s as though the dog realized his mission was completed the moment help came. Despite the fact that he saved her life, she still got frostbite and had to be brought to the hospital.

“The fact that the girl remained alive in such weather really is a miracle,” said search party volunteer Anatoly Ivanov. “We were looking all night, nothing was visible at all, our hands in mittens were so cold, it was difficult to straighten our fingers.”

Vika’s mother, Tatyana, was in the hospital, and they were able to see each other again. Thanks to the fact that Vika’s injuries were very modest, she was able to go home on the same day. In the end, it all came down to a mysterious, heroic dog.

Everyone wants to do something to remember the dog, but no one knows where he went. Maybe one day he’ll get the recognition he deserves from Vika.

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H/T: mirror.co.uk