Lost dog found after 4-months, man drives 1,000 miles for reunion

How far would you go if you found your lost pet? As a general rule, most dog owners would do whatever it took to find their missing pet. For months after Titan’s theft, Texas dog owner Dara Prak had no hope of ever seeing his pet Pit Bull again.

Source: YouTube

It was only the dog’s collar that was found. Tragically, Titan was abducted, leaving Dara heartbroken and alone. He began searching immediately on social media and in Houston’s shelters. Three months have passed since they last saw one other. He has given up on the prospect of seeing his best friend again.

Source: YouTube

Surprisingly, a shelter worker in South Carolina called Dara and inquired as to if he was missing a puppy. The dog’s microchip indicated his true identity.

Source: YouTube

Dara and his fiancée immediately embarked on the 1,000-mile journey to the shelter in order to be reunited with Titan. The dog is assumed to have been abused based on his condition, but the story of his travels will never be known. He is likely to recover completely.

Witness the heartwarming reunion when Titan’s father comes to the shelter and waits in the lobby for his dog. Would the dog have any recollection of him? Take a look at how it all unfolds below.