Lost Dog Strolls Into Police Station To Report Herself Missing

She handled the case on her own.

Recently, a loving dog named Rosie managed to get lost close to her home in England and made the ideal choice for where to seek assistance.

She simply stepped into a nearby police station to report (in her own way) her own missing.

The Leicestershire Police stated that it was possible to see her approaching the doors before she entered and took a seat in the corner. Positive dog!

Rosie can be seen in the following video:

Uncertain of how long Rosie had been missing, it was only a matter of time before matters were resolved once she alerted authorities to her whereabouts.

According to the police report, “Our employees quickly made friends with plenty of fuss and brought Rosie some water.” Rosie’s owner was happy to hear she had been discovered safe and healthy because she was wearing a collar and lead, which made it possible to get in touch with her.

Although Rosie was quite exhausted after the brief drama was through, her own cunning had made their work simple.

Online users have given Rosie a lot of praise for her problem-solving abilities, many of which are obviously well deserved. But that was probably best stated by the police themselves.

What a nice, witty dog, they said.