Loudest Dog At Shelter Is Stunned Silent When He Sees His Dad Again

Since staff members at the Adopt An ANGEL animal sanctuary have known Goose, he has had a deep, howling bark.

The director of Adopt An ANGEL, Jill Jones, told The Dodo, “His hound’s bark could certainly win prizes.”

Jones believes that Goose’s barks reflect his emotions. Jones stated, “He cries when he feels anxious and abandoned.” “If he is silent, it is because he is content.”

By his third stint at the rescue, though, Goose’s life had become more tragic than joyful.

When the shelter brought in Goose as an injured puppy for the first time, he howled after being separated from his mother. And when his original adoptive family returned him as an adult, the staff believed he was pining for them.


Shortly thereafter, a young couple adopted Goose for a second time, but their relationship ended unexpectedly. And when the marriage separated, one of Goose’s parents surrendered him to the shelter without informing the other.

“[His father] relocated to Florida and had no idea that Goose was in North Carolina with us,” Jones explained. “We, too, were unaware that he was out there.”

The third time, Goose’s howls at the shelter were considerably louder.

Here you can listen to them:

The staff saw that he required a forever family, therefore they included Goose at an adoption fair shortly thereafter.

Jones stated, “One of [Goose’s fatherclosest ]’s friends happened to enter the adoption fair.”

The man discovered Goose, who had been deaf since he was a puppy, and instantly knew him.

“He was like, ‘Oh my God! Goose, what are you doing here?’ and immediately began texting [Goose’s father],” added Jones.


Goose’s father was surprised to learn that his dog was once again in a shelter. Although he was unable to take Goose in himself, he was determined to adopt the affectionate dog into his family.

Jones stated, “He said, ‘Let me work this out so I can get Goose out of the shelter and bring him back.'”

Goose’s father drove from Florida to North Carolina and reunited with his long-lost dog in less than four days.


When it was time to visit him again, Goose, who is typically the most vocal dog in the shelter, became utterly silent.

Jones stated, “It was as though he was saying, ‘I know my people are here, so there’s no need to shout.'” “I was yelling simply for my people”

Goose did not make a sound, but the staff could tell from his joyful jumping that he was pleased to see his father again.

You may view the touching reunion here:

Following their reconnection, Goose and his father began their first road trip to Florida. Since his grandfather volunteered to give him a permanent home, Goose has lived there.


Goose is prospering in Florida, where he spends his days racing around his new fenced-in yard and playing with his canine cousins, according to Jones. Jones is pleased that Goose no longer has a reason to weep, despite the fact that she misses him.

Jones stated, “He is finally back with his human family.”