Lovable Rescue Fox Laughing With Delight When Being Petted By His Human

With their adorable fluffy features and furry coats, as well as their never-ending playfulness, foxes have much to enjoy.

This is the time when the Save A Fox rescue published the most adorable video of a red fox smiling with delight while receiving a belly rub.


Finnegan, a red fox, resembles a dog having its belly rubbed while continuously giggling like a human with a broad grin.
Makayla Raines, the founder of Save A Fox, appears to be enjoying the video almost as much as the fox.

She claims she discovered the world of domestic foxes after adopting a tame pet fox several years ago.

“Domestic foxes differ from their wild counterparts in that they are born in captivity and sold as pets, as well as bred in “hair farms” for the selling of their pelts.”


Foxes born in captivity cannot be released into the wild due to legal and ethical considerations.

She established the organization in 2017 after realizing that so many of these gorgeous animals needed a home.

“Many of our foxes at Save A Fox came from fur farms, as owner-surrendered pets, or were taken from their owners as a result of criminal activity and then donated to us.”

Visit the Save A Fox YouTube page to view more stunning fox videos.

Similar to this image of Finnegan enjoying being petted.