Lovely footage shows majestic lion crouching down to meet his cub for the first time

A lion’s new-born cubs usually don’t fare well. However, the man in the video below is eagerly awaiting the arrival of his first child. At the Denver Zoo, a beautiful video was taken and then published on FB, making people’s hearts melt.

A cub was born on July 31 at the zoo and has spent most of his time with his mother. Because of this, the zoo determined it was time to introduce the new addition to his family. On top of that, after meeting his two-year-old father, he became an Internet sensation.  Officials at the Denver Zoo expect the lion cub to make his public debut within the next few weeks.

At the Denver Zoo, director of public relations, Jake KubiĆ©, tells Bored Panda that “he’s spent the last several months bonding with his mom, dad, and half-sister behind the scenes at Predator Ridge at the Denver Zoo and will shortly make his big public debut in one of the outdoor habitats.” A lion cub is lively, curious, and full of energy, and this one is no exception.

FB: Denver Zoo

The baby’s parents, Neliah and Tobias, are well-known in Denver, but he has no name yet. Hence, the zoo has turned to its followers for help in coming up with a moniker. The options, according to the Bored Panda, are Meru, Moremi, and Tatu, which is the Swahili word for three (the cub is the lioness’ third birth).Voting and a $1 donation for each of the three finalists are strongly encouraged by the zoo.

Watch video here: