Loving Labrador Daddy teaches his puppy how to swim

Unlike cats, dogs are primarily natural swimmers that can easily walk in the water. For dogs, learning to swim should be one of the first and most important lessons in their lives. Only a few dog breeds can’t swim, and fortunately, the labrador retriever isn’t one of them.

Here’s a sweet video of a loving labrador retriever father teaching his seven puppies how to swim in a pond. No music, no subtitles, no special effects, this video is simply perfect the way it is. The proud doggo begins by leading his cubs into the pond and then plunges straight into the water. He swims like a pro. This boy must be a role model!

Although only two of the pups followed him, that didn’t bother this patient father. He decided to return to the land and gave them rest. The whole family has so much fun there together! Although the children were playing quite comfortably, the sweet father still did not forget to keep an eye on all of his children.

When one of them slowed down, he immediately turned around to look for the child. Obviously, their owners have nothing to worry about; this amazing dad dog has everything under control.

After running around for a while, the white dog and his clones returned to the pond again. The pooch slowed down this time, playing for a bit before entering the water. His puppies are also much more willing. They take turns bravely imitating their father and begin to cool down within seconds. It looks like these adorable little pups all enjoyed this lesson more than they expected!